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Literary Wives logoLiterary Wives is a virtual book club—a group of bloggers who noticed some time ago that there are a lot of books lately about wives. Quarterly we read a book about wives and marriage and incorporate the answers to a question into our reviews, following by a discussion:

What does this book say about wives or about the experience of being a wife?

You can participate by reading along with us and posting your comments or links to your reviews on any of our blogs or our new Facebook page.

The Books

The Wives

Picture of Lynn

Lynn of Smoke and Mirrors

Lynn is an avid reader, former Borders bookseller, and now blogger of books and reviews! She is mother to 3 sons, grandmother of 11 grandchildren, companion to one beautiful and “purr”fect gray kitty, Smokie, as well as 4 other sweet felines… Most importantly, she can count one of the kindest, most caring, and complex men she’s ever known as her full-time partner and husband.

Naomi of Consumed By Ink

Picture of Naomi

Once upon a time, Naomi worked as a biologist, math tutor, and early childhood educator. Since then, she has been happily reading bedtime stories to three eager listeners, and hopes this will never change. She loves traveling around the Canadian Maritimes with her family, visiting the used book stores and bakeries.

Rebecca of Bookish Beck


Rebecca relocated from Maryland to England 15 years ago. She’s a freelancer, proofreading science articles for BookBrowse, Bookmarks, Shelf Awareness, the Times Literary Supplement, and more. Between work, blogging, and volunteering at the library, she is kneedeep in books, and most often to be found reading with a cat on her lap. She and her husband have just bought their first home and plan to make a library room with built-in shelves and a window seat.

And me, Kay of whatmeread.


Kay is a long-time professional technical writer (now retired—yippee!) who has taught composition and technical-writing courses at the college level. She loves reading all kinds of books. When she recently got an iPad and spent some hours playing games, her husband thought she’d undergone a personality change. But soon she was back to reading. She is the secret author of three (sadly unpublished) trashy romance novels.

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