Day 510: Red Knit Cap Girl

Cover for Red Knit Cap GirlRed Knit Cap Girl is interested in all the plants and animals in the forest. But she is most interested in getting to know the moon.

She asks her animal friends how she can get close enough to talk to the moon. Apparently, Mr. Owl knows. Accompanied by her friend White Bunny, Red Knit Cap Girl goes to visit Mr. Owl and find out how to talk to the moon.

The illustrations for this picture book are simple and cute. The background makes them look as though they are drawn on wood.

Small children will probably enjoy this simple story. Perhaps it is not as interesting for their parents, but it is a nice, gentle tale.

picture from book
Trying to reach the moon

2 thoughts on “Day 510: Red Knit Cap Girl

    • whatmeread April 28, 2014 / 7:33 am

      Yes, and cute. I wonder, though, why the characters have such generic names. I guess it’s sort of like old fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood!

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