Day 423: Accidents Happen

Cover for Accidents HappenKate Parker has lived the last five years in fear, not of something specific but of harm to herself or her son Jack. She believes she is cursed. First, her parents were killed in a freak accident on the night of her wedding, and then a few years later her beloved husband Hugo was viciously murdered by a gang of men who were trying to steal his car.

Since then, Kate has been obsessed with numbers, the odds of this or that happening that could hurt her or her son. She has gotten so fearful that her in-laws are threatening to sue for custody of her son, claiming she is harming his mental well-being.

Kate is not just being paranoid, though. Fairly early on, we learn that someone is regularly breaking into her house from the student rooming house that shares a wall.

Kate meets Jago Martin, a professor at Edinburg University who is visiting at Oxford. He has written a book that fascinates her on the statistics of events. Once he finds out her problem, he begins a series of unorthodox experiments with her to try to draw her out of her fears. Soon, she seems to be improving, and she is becoming attracted to Jago.

This novel does a fairly good job of building suspense. However, I feel the whole “treatment” idea to be unlikely, first that Kate would agree to do some of the experiments–actually any of them given how she was behaving before–and second that they would help her improve so quickly. There are other plot points I find unlikely, but I can’t discuss them without giving too much away. Let me just say that although the motivation for some actions may not be completely absurd, the chosen target makes no sense at all. Finally, after a villain comes into the open, given the time and effort expended on the tortuous plot, the manner of resolution seems too easy. With these mysterious comments, I will leave you to decide for yourself whether to read the book!

3 thoughts on “Day 423: Accidents Happen

  1. Cecilia November 7, 2013 / 12:33 pm

    Oh darn, this book seemed so promising at first (my type of book)! But if you found so many points disappointing I will pass on it. Thanks for the review!

    (By the way, I see The Orphan Master’s Son on your goodreads widget; I have that on my TR as well and am very curious about it. Hope you are enjoying it!)

    • whatmeread November 7, 2013 / 12:37 pm

      Maybe you would like it. I mostly enjoyed it, despite some skepticism, until the very end, when the solution seemed very unlikely. The Orphan Master’s Son is so far very unusual. At times it seems like it’s about the most horrendous life possible, but other times it seems so horrible that it’s funny. I don’t know how to explain it better. It certainly keeps your attention. I am not quite sure where it is going yet.

      • Cecilia November 7, 2013 / 12:38 pm

        Interesting! Alright, will look forward to your future post on it 🙂

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