Day 133: Without Fail

Cover for Without FailI heard from several sources that Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books are good, so I tried one. Without Fail is more of an action novel than I would usually read, but it is a page turner. Child’s protagonist is an ex-military policeman.

Jack Reacher is approached by Secret Service agent Froelich, who used to date Jack’s dead brother, because she is in charge of guarding the vice president elect. The Secret Service has received threats that somehow arrived inside the agency, which is very worrisome. Froelich wants to hire Reacher to do an audit of their security procedures.

When the threats escalate to violence, the Secret Service hires Jack to help find the perpetrators. In the meantime, Jack gets romantically involved with Froelich.

The book is well written and very fast moving. If you want a little light summer reading that will keep you pinned to the page, I recommend a Jack Reacher thriller.

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